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The Woods Waterfall
Website Privacy Notice
1. Applicability
The Woods Waterfall (Hereinafter referred to as the “Woods” and/or “us”) is a private company incorporated in accordance with the company laws of the Republic of South Africa, with Company Registration Number: ___________________, and having its Registered Address situated at ___________________________________________________________________.
2. Purpose
Your privacy is important to us. We are committed to respecting your privacy and the security and confidentiality of your personal data, communications and choices.
The purpose of this Website Privacy Notice is to inform visitors to the website located at (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”) about how we treat your Personal Information, as defined in the Protection of Personal Information Act, No. 4 of 2013 (Hereinafter referred to as the “POPI Act”) and your rights in relation to website privacy.
3. Scope
This Website Privacy Notice relates to the Personal Information collected electronically by or through the Site, through, inter alia, the following means:
- enquiries made via the online enquiries’ portal on the Site;
- email services related to the Site and to other electronic communications arising from the Sites’ services.
4. Privacy Principles Subscribed to
The broad privacy principles to which we subscribe are articulated in, inter alia, the POPI Act and concern:
 collection, collation, processing and disclosure of Personal Information;
 processing limitation;
 purpose specification;
 further processing limitation;
 record retention requirements;
 limitation on disclosure;
 third party disclosure of Personal Information;
 destruction of Personal Information; and
 exceptions for statistical purposes.
5. Technologies Deployed in Providing Website Services and Collecting Personal Information
The following technologies may be deployed in providing the Site services:
 Cookies
o ‘Cookies’ allow us to better serve users of the Site when they make use of our Site or request additional information on our Site. A ‘cookie’ is a bit of text that is placed on a user's computer hard drive when the Site is visited.
o ‘Cookies’ may be placed on a User’s computer by us and/or by third parties, which are used to obtain data such as user-name, user preferences and web pages or advertisements viewed by the user. When the user revisits our Site, we can recognise him or her by the Internet ‘cookie’ and customise the users experience accordingly.
o You, as the User, can set your browser to provide notice whenever a ‘cookie’ is received, which gives you the opportunity to decide whether to accept it or not. Without ‘cookies,’ however, you may not be able to take full advantage of all our Site features.
o To the extent necessary in terms of any applicable legislation, by making use of the Site, you expressly authorise us and/or our associated business partners to make use of cookies in order to optimise your user experience whilst interacting with our Site and/or making use of any of our services.
 ‘Clickstream’
o Our Site may collect information about the ‘clickstream’ of users. This ‘clickstream’ data contains information on the pages that users came from, the navigational paths they took and the areas of the Site they visited.
o We may, from time to time, track such information from inside and outside of our Site. Additionally, we may, from time to time, track and match ‘clickstream’ data with Personal Information that you provide us in order to deliver information about other offerings to you. To the extent necessary in terms of any applicable legislation, by making use of the Site, you expressly authorise us and/or our associated business partners to track and match clickstream data with your Personal Information in order to optimise your user experience whilst interacting with our Site.
 Web Beacons
o Certain email that you, as the User, receive from us may contain ‘web beacons’ which consist of a line of code on our Site that deliver a small graphic image from another website or third party ad server. The ‘web beacon’ may not be visible as it is generally a 1x1 pixel in size and is designed to blend into the background of a web page. Web beacons allow third parties to obtain information such as the IP address of the computer that downloaded the page on which the web beacon appears, the URL of the page on which the web beacon appears, the time the page containing the web beacon was viewed, the type of browser used to view the page and the information in ‘cookies’ set by a third party. We may use ‘web beacons’ for activities such as monitoring the effectiveness of ad banners on our Site and in the email sent to you, the User. To the extent necessary in terms of any applicable legislation, by making use of the Site, you expressly authorise us and/or our associated business partners to make use of web beacons in order to optimise your user experience whilst interacting with our Site.
6. Security of Personal Information Collected and Processed
Information protection is strongest when the information remains in the possession of the data subject as owner of the information. You, as the User and data subject, are requested to carefully consider the nature and risk of submitting Personal Information before doing so. To comply with applicable law and in line with international standards and best practice, we commit ourselves to exercising all reasonable diligence, care and skill in processing Personal Information through the use of technical, administrative and physical controls.
7. Personal Information Collected and Processed
We may collect the following Personal Information:
 information you choose to provide in order to access our Site;
 information you choose to provide through the ‘contact us’ facility;
 information you provide in communications such as email;
 information you provide to our business partners and service providers;
 information about you, such as your demographics and lifestyle, from other sources;
 information collected through the use of common internet technologies such as ‘cookies’, ‘clickstream’ and ‘web beacons’ on our Site and emails; and
 two resources of Personal Information are collected and processed technologically during your visit to the Site (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Personal Information”).
Some information is transient and stored only for the purpose of current transactions and then deleted. Some information is persistent and stored for periods beyond the current transaction such as data from multiple transactions accumulated over time and retrieved when needed to enhance your experience and improve our services. To the extent any Personal Information is collected, stored, utilised and/or processed in any other manner whatsoever, by making use of the Sites, you, as the Data Subject, expressly authorise us and/or our associated business partners to collect the Personal Information, to store the Personal Information, to utilise the Personal Information and/or to process the Personal Information in such reasonable manner as we deem necessary in order to optimise your user experience whilst interacting with our Site and/or making use of any of our services.
8. Uses and Sharing of Personal Information
We may use the Personal Information you, as the User of the Site and/or services, submit to us in order to furnish you with information and to provide you with the services that you require. We shall only process such Personal Information to the minimum extent same is necessary to achieve this end.
Personal Information, such as names, email addresses and mobile telephone numbers, collected through our Site, by email and submitted by you, as the User, to us is necessary for the following:
 to respond to your requests for further information;
 the marketing and promotion of our and other associated business partners services that we believe you may find of interest;
 for the statistical analysis of users' behaviour and for feedback purposes;
 for product/service/site development;
 to customise and improve the content and layout of our Site;
 for internal purposes, such as the administration and operation of our Site; and
 for compliance with our legal obligations, policies and procedures.
Please note that, unless we have asked for and obtained your explicit consent, we do not share your Personal Information with third party marketers. Please note further that where we make use of any 3rd party to process Personal Information collected by us, we have in place Data Processing Agreements which regulate the processing of such Personal Information in accordance with the provisions of the POPI Act.
We will use the Personal Information you, as the User, submit to us only for purposes consistent with the reason you submit it to us in the first place or, with your further permission, for other purposes, and only to the extent necessary to achieve such purposes.
When we provide your Personal Information to other companies on a temporary basis, in order for them to provide services to us, we require these other companies to protect your Personal Information in the same manner as we do. These third party service providers cannot use Personal Information for any purpose other than the reason you provided it to us.
In addition, the Personal Information you, as the User, provide us with is also used and shared with the following:
 permanent or temporary staff and part-time contractors in the performance of their duties;
 various third parties such as contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers and partners in the sourcing, supply and provision of products/services;
 other service providers websites and WAP sites to which our Site may link;
 data analysis and market research to provide better products/services;
 backup, archiving, business continuity and disaster recovery purposes;
 routine and non-routine internal requests, including court orders and law enforcement investigations.
 the provision of information to any applicable regulatory bodies governing the provision of our products/services, including but not limited to, any relevant ombudsman.
9. Choices
You, as the User, have the right to make choices as to what is done with your Personal Information. Sometimes, your choices are made in the form of registration or opting in or out of receiving communications or marketing material and engaging and/or interacting with our Site.
Once you, as the User, have submitted information to us and requested that we communicate with or market to you, you may at any time thereafter choose to opt out of further contact with us.
Personal Information submitted by you is kept for as long as the purpose for which you furnished it to us exists or for the retention periods specified in law.
10. Access to Your Personal information
You, as the User, may access the Personal Information that we hold about you.
You can ask us to correct any errors or delete Personal Information we have about you.
To protect your privacy, the privacy of others and to ensure the integrity of our business information we may have to verify your identity before we allow access to or change the information that we have about you, as the User.
Access to your Personal Information by our staff and third parties is limited and restricted by us through training, administrative, technical and physical controls in accordance with best practice standards.
All access to your Personal Information must comply with our policies relating to the protection of Personal Information.
11. Important Information
We may process Personal Information, some of which may flow to and from other legal jurisdictions. Please be aware that there may be implications in terms of the specific legal requirements in South Africa and other legal jurisdictions which may, depending upon the actual location of Personal Information, be relevant or become relevant. We seek to comply with complex technical and legal issues wherever possible, but users should be aware that international law and certain aspects of technology restrict our control in some respects.
As Personal Information is most safe, when under the control of its owners, you as the User and data subject, are cautioned to give careful consideration to the Personal Information you choose to disclose.
12. How to Complain
If you have a complaint, are concerned about your Personal Information or wish to report any malicious activity such as spamming and the like, please do the following:
 contact ___________________ on ___________________, or;
 send an email to
13. Privacy Information Officer
We have appointed a dedicated Privacy Information Officer who is responsible for the processing and protection of Personal Information.
In providing for your privacy, we use a combination of technical, administrative and physical controls based on compliance with the law and in line with international standards and best practice.
We regularly review and enforce our own compliance with this Website Privacy Notice to ensure that our own conduct is in line with the privacy undertakings made to you.

Privacy Information Officer
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14. Corporate Information and How to Contact Us
The Woods Waterfall
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